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Session Fee:
Paypal 25 us$

Professional Services

Specific Treatments

Anxiety Disorders; Phobias; Panic Attack; Depression; Personality Disorders; etc.


Individual Therapy

CBT - Standard and 3rd. Wave

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,

for Teens and Adults.

Life Coaching

Ontological Coaching;

Professional Coaching;

PNL & other approaches.

Personal Development

Self-Awareness Workshops;

The Enneagram; 

Mindfulness Training; etc. 

Psychological Assessment

Mental Diagnosis;

Work Capability Assessment;

Judicial Expertise Reports.

Couples Therapy

An Integrative,

Cognitive-Constructivist Approach.

Human suffering is not so much 
about what happens itself,
but it is actually more 
about what you think of 

what happens.
~ Epictetus

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